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No one can take care of their clients like what we have done for our clients because we want you to be happy and to come back with us again

On our private tours (No Join-in Group Tour), you won’t feel like you’re part of a herd – we value your independence and individuality as much as you do.


Private Authentic Sunset River Cruise

( SIGHTSEEING - RELAXATION by taxi, river boat, special tuk tuk → Ponagar Temples, Sedge Mat Weaving, Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage, Coconut Island. Dinner is included.

Depart at 3:30 pm and return at 7 pm

Having two banks covered with beautiful scenery of fishing boats, trees and scattered houses, Cai River is an attraction for a night cruise. Our boat will take you along the winding branches of the river at night time. You actually go through the peaceful areas where, at intervals, the yellow light from countryside houses at the foot of mountain flashes in the dark. Lovers of nature, quicken your paces !


Private Authentic Cultural River Cruise   highly recommended

( SIGHTSEEING - CULTURAL TOUR by taxi, river boat, special tuk tuk → Ponagar Temples, Sedge Mat Weaving, Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage, Ancient house, Coconut Island. Lunch at a riverside restaurant.

Depart at 9 am and return at 2 pm

A day trip along the river is a fantastic way to discover Nha Trang, its people, and the local way of life. Travel through the Vietnamese countryside and visit the locals as they go about their daily work. Traveling by boat means this day tour stays at a relaxed pace and you and the family will see a whole range of attractions along the way. If you are lucky, you can see buffalo herds on the river ( You can depart whenever you want )


Cultural Countryside - City Cycling Tour highly recommended

CULTURAL TOUR  20 km cycling by bicycle  Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage, Bakery, Sedge Mat Weaving, 200 year old ancient house. You will enjoy a traditional therapeutic foot bath with medicinal herbs and massage at lunch time. Visit Ponagar Temples and Chong Promontory after lunch

Depart at 9 am Return at 2 pm

( Do you do biking just for health ?  The difference is that our cultural cycling tours guided by wholeheartedly recommended knowledgeable guides with explanation on attractions that rarely do other guides do )

Pagoda Orphanage: where it shelters and cares for over 160 abandoned, orphaned or street children. They range from several months to 9 years of age. The children of the orphanage are taken care of by a group of Buddhist nuns and volunteers. Their goal is to provide the children with a safe and caring environment which lessens their misfortune and gives their lives greater purpose and meaning. Being a private organization, the orphanage is trying to provide its children food, shelter, health and education. The nuns and volunteers at the orphanage have devoted their lives for the wonderful mission - helping the orphans. You will learn about the Vietnamese educational system, and you can play and sing with the little children. From little things, big things grow.


Private Authentic Cultural Countryside Tour by car highly recommended

CULTURAL TOUR by private air conditioned car → Discover real life of Vietnamese people: Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage, Bakery, Sedge Mat Weaving, Amitabha Buddha statue at a height of 68 meters, Rice paper - Noodles making ( phở ), bánh ướt, bánh hỏi, Conical hat making, 200 year old ancient house. Special lunch with Vietnamese food at an authentic restaurant.

Depart at 8 am Return at 1:30 pm

Our tour is famous for laid-back vibe for families, slow walkers, aged people, wheelchair travelers.


  Private Cultural Countryside Tour plus River Cruise

Discover real life of Vietnamese people: Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage, Bakery, Sedge Mat Weaving, Amitabha Buddha statue at a height of 68 meters, Rice paper - Noodles making ( phở ), bánh ướt, bánh hỏi, Conical hat making, 200 year old ancient house Take a river boat to a riverside restaurant for lunch. Enjoy coconut water on coconut island. Visit Ponagar Temples. Depart at 8 am and return at 2:30 pm

Jesus was on our tour


Private Cultural Countryside Tour plus Waterfall and Hot Spring

COUNTRYSIDE + WATERFALL + HOT SPRING + hiking : Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage, Sedge Mat Weaving, Amitabha Buddha statue at a height of 68 meters, Rice paper - Noodles making, Conical hat making, Waterfall 48km from Nha Trang. Enjoy the feeling of crocodile fishing - wild bear feeding with pumpkin - canary bird feeding - Pig racing - Ostrich riding. Lunch with Vietnamese food at an authentic restaurant. Relaxation in hot mineral water at the Hot Spring. Depart at 8 am and return at 3 pm

There’s no denying that the kids love animals, and they are sure to love seeing the pigs, the crocodiles, the ostriches and other animals at the Eco Park. The spectacular waterfalls here are a huge draw, so if animals aren’t your things, take advantage instead of the great mountainside scenery and amazing hot springs while you marvel at the mighty falls



Ba Ho Waterfalls - Ponagar Temples - Chong Promontory

Trekking for half an hour in the jungle and then swimming in Ba Ho Waterfalls. After a cooling dip, you will have lunch with Vietnamese food and then visit Ponagar Temples, Chong Promontory. Depart at 8 am Return at 2 pm. Transfer by private air conditioned car (not good for the old and young kids for trekking)


Daily Private Snorkeling Tour by speed boat or wooden boat   

Tourists can try rowing a bamboo basket boat at a fishing village, spend much time at Coral Island for snorkeling and have a sumptuous lunch with specialities at Con Se Tre island

Depart at 9 am and return at 2 pm

Respect for Your Freedom and Individuality. If you hate being packed in like a sardine on a booze cruise, take our private speed boat for snorkeling. Choose the best or follow the crowd

Vietnam Galcation

So lucky we found Pham. We are a group of six friends traveling thru Vietnam and visited Pham with a list of places we wanted to see in Nha Trang. He was so accommodating with our list, planned a 2 day private tour including transport, hotel pickup, price up front and lunch. We had the best time - Pham is extremely humorous and knowledgeable on the history and culture of Nha Trang with the occasional far fetched comical story which always roped us in and always ended with us all in stitches..Thank you Pham, without you we would never have seen and experienced such a beautiful city without you. All us girls would highly recommend Pham for a small group private tour to see Nha Trang in a relaxed, fun and informative way. Thanks Pham from your 6 Aussie Girls xx 


Accessible Tours

We provide you professional and accessible tourist services with special care for people with special needs: people with disability, slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, aged people, family parties during your travels to improve full comfort and safety. Our helpers will help the travelers during the visits and the sightseeing.

The tour was very very good. Pham was an amazing guide, who took really good care of us. We had a wonderful and fun day visiting the area outside of Nha Trang. We highly recommend everyone to take the tour. Pham made sure that my mother that cannot see still got the full experience, being feel and touch.
Don't miss the tour!!

An 82 year old gentle soul, Mother Teresa holding a sign board

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with you and you were very professional and courteous to everyone in our group. My wife kept bragging on the care and respect you and your lovely wife took assisting the elderly (especially the lady with the walker, we all affectionately called 'Mum')  the entire day. We all hated to hear that you lost $500 on the previous tour because of inclement weather and the ship's tenders not being allowed to dock.  We would like to add this was our favorite tour of our trip


Ron & DeAnna Webber

Hello Mr Dung Pham
We thoroughly enjoyed our day with you and the rest of the group.  Especial highlights was the river-side lunch and the river cruise and the morning tea in the 'local's house.  The mat weaving and the conical hat making were excellent too, as was the embroidery factory and the rice noodle factory. 
It was all excellent, as was your and your wife's care for us all and my elderly mother (the lady with the walker called 'Mum"). I have posted a good recommendation for your tour and hope this helps with ongoing business - which you most honorably deserve. I will also do what I can to help you recover the lost port fees for the previous trip. Please accept our very best wishes for a happy and prosperous future,
Helen & John Brookfield - Australia

We were on the same tour with wristband and we are in total agreement. Pham is such an engaging person who provides great service in his tours. It was raining when we got there and he even provided us with yellow plastic bags to put on our feet so our shoes wouldn't get mucky as we walked about. I have fond memories of us all walking around with yellow bags on our shoes. The local people had a laugh on two with us!! The cruise line shortened our day in port by an hour (it was already a short day there) and yet Pham got us to all the places we were supposed to go. Must have been a hard thing to do with 21 adults!!!
You won't be sorry going with him.

We also supply the private transfer services and car hire for travelers with professional drivers at a high quality and good price. We are happy to design the transportation for your group and we ensure it is the most suitable rate while try to make sure the quality and comfort for each transfer and each tour. 

99% of our tourists recommend our services because we take you to the places where your souls and hearts belong to

A photo of Mr Dung Pham and his beloved tourists with big smiles is worth a thousand words

We used this tour company last Dec. The 38 of us on the tour all agreed it was one of the best private tours we have ever taken. On the top is a photo of our group.



Mr Pham, the founder of Pham Tours.

You are dealing direct with a wholeheartedly recommended local tour operator with a passion to create a nice image of a beautiful Nha Trang City by experiencing authentic daily life, not because of gratuities and shopping scams

Welcome to Pham Tours in a stunning coastal city of Nha Trang. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for authentic travel options. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing where I was born and raised and during the course of more than a decade career as a local tour expert in Nha Trang. Looking for a private tour guide in Nha Trang who can take care of you? A way to avoid shopping scams and to follow our trails to places in or out Nha Trang City that not many people know? I can help.
I live in the heart of Nha Trang City, a beautiful travel destination. I have also guided a dozen thousands of tourists come from the globe heading for Nha Trang for their holiday vacations or simply wanted to take a day tour. The tour guide career and the regional research have taken me to some of the most beautiful and untouched places in Nha Trang and its environs that not so many tour operators and even if the local people know and put me in touch with fascinating people because nothing makes me happier than connecting with our valued guests with local people and their culture when we take you there. Come over Nha Trang and you may be my next customers that I want to share my enthusiasm and authentic travel experience about the best of Nha Trang City, my homeland has to offer, bringing destinations alive in a truly personal and meaningful way. This helps make your trip genuinely special and different from conventional tours. I urge you to compare my tours with those of other travel companies. You’ll find that Pham Tours offers the best knowledgeable guides and premium quality at an excellent value. Thank you!

Our authentic cultural tours guided by wholeheartedly recommended knowledgeable guides with explanation on attractions and a great sense of humor exclusively designed for discerning travelers who only want the best totally worth every penny you pay and your time 

You are offered services worth every money of yours. 'Cheap' is synonymous with 'nasty', spoiling your holiday. With us, what is listed is a minimum - what you get is more than you expect. We need to pay well for all your services to maintain high levels.

You should not ask any hotel receptionists to contact me because they will ask me for commission or ask another one to organize you my own tour. Give me a call or write to me, cutting out the middle man and saving your money.             Languages are not barrier              

0914047406 or 84-914047406  Mr Dung Pham (English French speaking)

Office location: 120/1/6 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang, Vietnam

( When you go to 120 Hung Vuong (opposite BIDV hotel), please walk in the alley, you will see Dollar Hotel. Please turn left and then turn right. We are located on the right )