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Daily Private Discovery Tour  

( CULTURAL TOUR by private air conditioned car → COUNTRYSIDE + WATERFALL + HOT SPRING : Pagoda Orphanage, Sedge Mat Weaving, Amitabha Buddha statue at a height of 68 meters, Rice paper making, Conical hat making, Waterfall 48km from Nha Trang. Enjoy the feeling of crocodile fishing - canary bird feeding - wild bear feeding with pumpkin - Pig racing - Ostrich riding. Lunch with Crocodile or Ostrich meat. Relaxation in hot mineral water at the Hot Spring ) Depart at 8 am and return at 4 pm

There's no denying that the kids love animals, and they are sure to love seeing the pigs, the crocodiles, the ostriches and other animals at the Eco Park. The spectacular waterfalls here are a huge draw, so if animals aren't your things, take advantage instead of the great mountainside scenery and amazing hot springs while you marvel at the mighty falls

8:00 pick-up at hotel, then tour around by private car. This is specially tailor-made excursions. Exploring the country trails, village's life, town and farms, pagoda, the best way to experience the "true" Vietnamese countryside. Through countryside trails, villages towns and farms.. This countryside tour offers you a fascinating insight into the "real lives" of everyday people who are the backbone of Vietnam .

The first stop of the tour is a Pagoda Orphanage: where it shelters and cares for over 130 abandoned, orphaned or street children. They range from several months to 9 years of age. The children of the orphanage are taken care of by a group of Buddhist nuns and volunteers. Their goal is to provide the children with a safe and caring environment which lessens their misfortune and gives their lives greater purpose and meaning. Being a private organization, the orphanage is trying to provide its children food, shelter, health and education. The nuns and volunteers at the orphanage have devoted their lives for the wonderful mission - helping the orphans.

The village path leads us to the home of one family who weave mats from rushes which grow abundantly in the surrounding area. Two people working together will weave just four mats in a day, which will be taken to the local market and traded for food and other essentials.

Tourists can take photos of Amitabha Buddha statue at a height of 68 meters. 

Driving through miles of flat rice fields to a rural village, enjoy the opportunity to interact with the local people as they go about their daily lives, with farming and cottage industries as their primary source of income.

Rice paper making: One of the most typical food from rice steamed and processed into round piece dried in the sun on the bamboo brackets that are on sale in the inns or shops.

Conical hat making village: Manual skill work by women, it's also your gift for your friends when toward home.

Yangbay Waterfall. 48km from Nha Trang. Enjoy the feeling of crocodile fishing, canary bird feeding. Take a tour around Yang Bay Park by electric car and take photos of the waterfall. Have lunch in the  restaurant with Crocodile or Ostrich meat. Participate in folk game: Pig racing. Feed wild bears with pumpkin. Relax in hot mineral water at the hot spring.

16:00 Drop-off at the hotel. End of service

Including:  private car, local guide, admission fees, Vietnamese lunch, mineral waters.

Please bring: suntan oil, bath towels, swimming wear for a swim at the hot spring .

You should not ask any hotel receptionists to contact me because they will ask me for commission or ask another one to organize you my own tour. Give me a call or write to me, cutting out the middle man and saving your money.

Hotline: 0914047406 or 84-914047406  Mr Dung Pham (English French speaking)  


No one can take care of their clients like what we have done for our clients because we want you to be happy and to come back with us again

A great, full day at a reasonable price

We did a daylong trip inland that included the orphanage (great and bring things to them), weaving (fun, small shop, nice people, hands-on), hat-making (at a small family hut with their grandma), rice paper factory (VERY cool, always wondered how they make that spring roll wrap so thin), The National Park (Alligator feeding/holding, Ostrich riding, bear/bird feeding, hot springs and water falls), lunch provided was Ostrich and Alligator meat and then finishing at the temple in Nha Trang. A great full day. Well coordinated, organized and narrated by Dung Pham with energy and enthusiasm. Nicely done!

Daily Private Discovery Tour

The tour was enjoyable and educational. Pham arrived to pick us up at our hotel with a car and a driver. He brought us to see things in Nha Trang that were not too touristy, and he made an effort to stay one step ahead of other tour groups so that we could really enjoy the places we visited.

On our tour, we toured a village in the countryside, before we went to Yang Bay where we got to feed Asiatic bears and crocodiles, ride ostriches and soak in hot springs. Pham is friendly and he communicates very well in English and several other languages. Best of all, he seemed genuinely surprised when we tipped him at the end

Discovery tour with Pham

We are a group of 4 adults from Australia who found Phams tour on trip advisor. It proved to be everything that was advertised much to our surprise. Pham replied to emails promptly and emailed us before the trip to confirm out booking. he told us to bring swimmers and a towel for the waterfall and hot springs. he picked us up at the agreed time and took us to a traditional bakery, a rug making workshop, rice paper factory and a little shack where a woman in her eighties and her her daughter made conical hats. The highlight was the orphanage where we donated school supplies, koala pins and lollies. The children were delightful and sang to us. We headed onto the waterfall park where one of our group rode an ostrich. We had a lovely lunch on a lake. The best part of the trip was Pham's stories and his knowledge. he also made it easy by paying all the people at our stops and the admission fee ate the Waterfall park so we didn't have to pay for anything including lunch. This made it less awkward as we wouldn't have known how much to give. Pham's driver made us feel comfortable and safe in the air conditioned mini bus. he also bought along bottled water to quench our thirst. I would recommend this tour.

Extremely enjoyable experience for the whole family

We are a family of 6. With kids 8,15,17 and a grandmother 71 yrs. We booked Pham for a discovery tour last week. He promptly picked us up from our hotel and took us to all the sights listed in his itinerary. It was an awesome day. We saw so much and weren't pressured into buying anything from the places he took us. He made sure we were happy and catered for the whole day. We could also understand him which was a plus as other tour guides in Saigon we used made the day exhausting trying to understand their broken English. He kept us interested all the time and really knows the region as he's a local. Enjoyed meeting the kids at the orphanage and took a bag of clothes and stationery for them. Loved the mat weaving, conical hats by a family of ladies who welcomed us into their home. Loved the fresh rolls from the local baker the Eco park was nice if you can put behind you that it errs on the side of animal cruelty. But that is the norm in Vietnam. My kids got to ride an ostrich which is something they will never forget. Lunch was altered to a different venue as we don't eat pork or crocodile which was no problem for Pham. Hot water mineral baths were a nice way to end the day. We would love to spend more time with Pham if ever back in Nha Trang again.

This tour was fantastic for 4 adults and 2 children (B7 & G4) suits all ages.

We rang Pham and booked for 6, he charged for 5. Pham covered all outlays for the day.
Visited a bakery, hat maker, orphanage, rice paper factory, water falls, hot springs spa, crocodiles, ostrich rides, bears, pig races, lunch, drinks and mini bus all included. 
The kids enjoyed it as much as the adults.
I couldn't recommend Pham more highly. If you are looking for a good day out, this is it.

Fantastic tour for children

An amazing day out - book with this man! He organised a private car trip for me and my two young children. He promised a day they would enjoy and it was the highlight of our trip. We went to a nature park about an hour from Nha Trang. While there we got to swim in beautiful hot springs and in a waterfall, ride an ostrich, feed crocodiles and bears, see pig racing and eat fabulous food on a lake. Lots of tours must go to this place but I strongly recommend going with Mr Pham - he took us to lots of interesting places enroute including small businesses, the pagoda orphanage, the Buddha statue. Pham's English is fantastic and he worked so hard, running ahead to get the electric train sorted for us, constantly checking if we needed more drinks. The hot springs were the end of our busy day and he let us stay there as long as we wanted. The price was inclusive and we didn't even buy our own drinks when swimming. Communication was very good by email and he arrived early to pick us up and waited politely for us to finish breakfast. Our only regret was that the rest of our family missed the trip as they were diving

A great day......

Nha Trang Discovery Tour was fantastic; not sure what Rayndpat is on about - obviously great sight seeing, knowledgeable and friendly guide and solid itinery aren't high on Rayndpat's list.

I actually cancelled the tour the night before the we were scheduled to meet up because of bad stomach pains from dodgy food purchased at Vinpearl. Dung was fine with the late cancellation and didn't make a fuss.

I was feeling much better in the morning so I rang him at 6.00am to see if we could go on the tour and Dung put us straight back in and he met us at our hotel at 8.00am.

The entire day was great and we got to experience and see things that we otherwise wouldn't have.

The orphanage was eye opening and was something special. We gave the kids some small gifts and treats, and at the end of it made a donation to the orphanage - there was no pressure to donate.

We did the tour with a 12 and 5 year old and they both loved the day and got to do so many things in the one day - from feeding and holding crocodiles to pig racing and ostrich riding to hot spring bath.

The lunch was good and there was so much of it for the four of us. 

My wife and I are both Vietnamese and migrated to Australia more than 30 years ago and this is our first trip back to Vietnam. What a fantastic way to learn about the country you left as a child.

Overall, a great day and money well spent. Dung is a fantastic guide - friendly and knowledgeable , and made sure you enjoyed the experience

Had a great day private country tour in Nha Trang

We had a great day on the private tour visiting the country side, orphanage, temple, hat making, hot springs, animal park and authentic vietnamese food for lunch. My 9 years old son loved cuddling the crocodile, riding ostrich, bird and bear feeding and the hot springs pool. We also loved visiting the orphanage and the buddhist temple.
The tour guide was quite a character, funny, entertaining, mix of Vietnamese tradition and modern life. Perfect for a cultural tour to get to know Vietnamese modern / old culture. 
The tour was well organised, he picked us up from our villa at 8AM on time and we returned exactly at 4PM as promised. The tour included all fees to parks and events, water and lunch. I thought it was value for money.
Be open minded and you will enjoy!