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No one can take care of their clients like what we have done for our clients because we want you to be happy and to come back with us again

We are very responsible for what we have been committed for highly recommended tours. There is not a single service that has been confirmed but not delivered to our guests. There is not a single problem that we cannot handle and leave our guests in a mess. We are very flexible and always willing to offer help.

  • We are one of a small number of companies that are licensed by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.
  • Our prices are competitive while you are offered services worth every money of yours.
  • Book shortly and then we will be able to make arrangements perfect.

Tours deaf, dumb, blind...

We are the unique travel company in Vietnam that arranges deaf tours guided by Vietnamese trained deaf guides. Our deaf guides have learned about guidance skills and knowledge of Vietnam history, religions, cultures and traditions, etc. Our deaf guides can communicate with foreign deaf travellers in Vietnamese signs, ASL, JSL and international sign (I.S). We have done some tours for deaf travellers from Japan, US, UK and Australia. All the tours have been run very well and the guests have really appreciated the deaf guides to help them understand more about Vietnam, the people, cultures, etc. Besides good deaf guide service, we always arrange good services of hotels, transport, food, sightseeing, etc. to make sure that our guests will have safe and memorable trips in Vietnam. We believe that travelling can make a better world and travelling for deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) people can enhance their living standards in different ways. Besides helping some deaf and HOH Vietnamese people to enhance their living standards while working for us, we also include other disable people who are working in restaurants, schools, massage shops, handicrafts factories etc. where our deaf travelers will come to visit and use their services.


A tailor-made specialist offering private tours and travel throughout Vietnam

  On demand we can arrange any kind of ...Tailor-made trips. If you don't find here the program according your wishes please write us and we will quote exactly the tour you are looking for.

Hotline: 0914047406 or 84-914047406  Mr Dung Pham (English French speaking)